Our Luxury Cars

Every vehicle in our fleet is a top-of-the-range model, and is silver in colour. Our luxury cars are presented in impeccable condition and perfectly maintained with meticulous attention to detail. All cars feature full luxury leather interior and air conditioning, satellite navigation, hands free phone operations and a smoke free environment, stocked with newspapers and mineral water as standard.

We have a wide range of luxury cars for the Kent and London area, including Mercedes S-Class, E-Class and Viano, BMW 5 Series, Volkswagen Passat, and more.  The colour of cars may vary. We can also provide coaches for larger parties. All cars are subject to availability, but we work with you to get you the car you need. If you are interested in booking a luxury car with Portcullis, either book now or get in touch today, and we will be happy to help.

Mercedes S-Class

Portcullis Executive Travel | Mercedes Benz S-Class Chauffeured Car Exterior

Mercedes E-Class

Portcullis Executive Travel | Mercedes Benz E-Class Chauffeured Car Exterior

Mercedes Viano

Portcullis Executive Travel | Mercedes Benz Viano Chauffeured Car Exterior

BMW 5 Series

Portcullis Executive Travel | BMW 5 Series Chauffeured Car Exterior